Dooars is a heavily forested Himalayan region that covers three West Bengal districts, namely of Darjeeling, Cooch Behar & Jalpaiguri. It is home to around six nationally preserved sanctuaries and national parks that are recognized by the government. During a trip to this paradise, you will encounter Asiatic elephants, the Royal Bengal tiger, leopards, spotted deer, gaur, chital, alligators, Indian bison, Giant Squirrels and many more exotic mammals who dwell within these forests in freedom. If you are a keen bird-watcher, then Dooars is your paradise. Blue Fairy-Birds, thrush, Kingfishers and Yellow-Throated Martens are found here in abundance.


You can book yourself an indulgent room in any of the luxury resorts or government lodges in Dooars, These resorts and lodges situated at Dooars are secluded in amidst the forests and equipped with all of the modern amenities of city life. They are strategically located near the gateway to national parks & sanctuaries so that you can enjoy rides to the forest during the dawn easily. Staying close to the tropical Himalayas is an experience on its own, as you wake up to the chirp of the birds which feels refreshingly good.


The entire region of Dooars is inhabited by the local tribes like the Mech, Bodo & Rava. The Lepcha & Tamang communities reside here as well. Over the course of time, the Bengali, Bihari & Marwari communities started settling in this region too, but a unique community to inhabit Dooars is the Toto community which isn't found anywhere else in the world. They live in a village called the Totopara which is open to the tourists to explore. They can spend a day with the Totos and enjoy a taste of indigenous life devoid of any urban influence even to this day.

Best Time to Visit

Spring / Summer

Spring, the foliage wears a coverage of shiny new leaves with tender green buds and freshly bloomed flowers. Visiting Dooars during Spring can be quite pleasant.


During this period, the temperature cools down to become more breezy. Going on for jungle safaris in the cool weather is an ideal thing to do. You can enjoy your vacation to the fullest without worrying about the scorching heat.


Winters are beautiful in Dooars. As most of the forest remains evergreen, the sun shines mildly. You will experience extremely pleasant winters in here, that can be spent lazily in the resorts situated right in the lap of nature.

Major Tourist Attractions

  • Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Jaldhaka
  • Rajabhatkawa
  • Mong Pong
  • Lataguri
  • Buxa Tiger Reserve
  • Kalimpong
  • Gorumara National Park

How to Reach Dooars

  • Nearest Railway Station – New Jalpaiguri Railway Station
  • Nearest Bus Stand – Siliguri Junction Vehicle Stand
  • Nearest Airport – Bagdogra Airport
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